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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Week 2: SNAFUzifying My Schedule

This next week isn't going to be any better than the last one in terms of me being fantabufuckingloustacular with my posts.  Every semester I get an e-mail from the administration saying that the last day of class will be the last day I get paid.  I will not be paid to do a study group on the day of finals.

It's like the electronic version of them narrowing their eyes at me, and saying, "Don't you dare!"

And every semester I think that my last week will be the last week of class (which would have been last week).  I try to be strong.  I gird my loins.  I eat my Wheaties.  I screw my courage to the sticking place.

And then I see their terrified little faces looking back at me like Fiver and Blackberry going tharn in front of the big rig of their onrushing final.  And I feel my mouth asking them before I can stop it (with a voice that sounds like it's not mine and is coming above me) if I ran a study group before their final if they would come.  And I see the look of relief flooding their faces.  And I realize that I've committed to another week (and kind of a rough one at that).

The worst part about it?  It's totally worth it.  I'm a huge sucker for my students.

Anyway, I should probably work the end-of-semester shenanigans into the blog schedule since it has pretty predictably been the point where I really start to break down in my ability to post articles on a regular schedule.  I'm still writing every day, but my ability to do six hours of it on a predictable schedule is compromised.

I'm going to keep updating up some of the tabs and the F.A.Q., and there wil still be content coming every day (but Sundays--and next Monday since it's a bank holiday).  I'm going to keep working on A Demon's Rubicon, and there may be another part of that going up this week.  I also absolutely need to do the final bit of my Dundracon write up since I'm going to have Kublacon to write up soon.

Apologies in advance to folks on RSS feeds or other systems that update every time I post.  There may be a lot of redundant posts in the next few days as I straighten things up.

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