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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Question: Will You Post More of Your Fiction? (FAQ)

Short answer: Yes, but.....

Long answer:

I will. However, blogging takes a LOT of time and I have another job (that can't be done by anyone else until this pandemic is over) that takes about twenty hours a week before I even sit down to write. And I'm armpits deep in a book that is long overdue. So my fiction hits this site slowly when I have the extra time to do it. It isn't fire-and-forget the way some of my articles are. I really try to polish fiction and think about it carefully and even run it past some peer review before publishing it. 

So what that means is that I put in about ten fold as much time and effort on a page of fiction as I do on a page of a regular article with the same word count.  If I published a lot more fiction, I would have a lot less time for the rest of the blog. So I will keep posting fiction, but it is probably on an unofficial hiatus until the pandemic is over.

I'm also currently working on a novel that will drop here in serial format (in addition to being available in e-format and through print on demand).

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy what I have posted over at the Reliquary menu: "And Occasionally Some Writing."

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