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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Are You Not Entertained?

Writing About Writing is and will always be free to the readers. However every six weeks you have to put up with me reminding everyone how to help us out so that we can do awesome stuff like improving the blog and totally not spend it all it on hookers and blow.

I gotta tell you guys, that's even better than NPR. They may only ask for money twice a year, but they do it for two weeks straight.  All you guys have to put up with is one post in about 35.

Your contributions to Writing About Writing have already helped to improve the blog.  Because of you, we have been able to:

  • Bring you more and higher quality articles than last semester.
  • Continue posting every day instead of dropping down to once or twice a week.
  • Bring you more fiction
  • Make fewer jokes about the Welsh
  • Get at least a second set of English major eyes on posts before they go live with a gagillion mistakes
  • Get about 1/5 of what we would need for a major revamp to the blog layout. (I think.)
If we are able to continue growing the meager income stream of W.A.W. we will be able to bring you:
  • Copy editing
  • Possibly even content editing (nothing like a perfectly punctuated sentence that makes no sense to remind you that we all need an editor)
  • The other 4/5 of the budget for a major blog layout/revamp/overhaul (I'm talking drop down menus, baby. And if you have one of those USB animated glove things, we'll totally give you a happy ending.)
  • Much more fiction
If Writing About Writing continues to improve its revenue stream, we also hope--one distant day--to be able to do the following:
  • Provide all fiction I write (even books) for free--either as a PDF or serial posts.
  • Provide an ad free website.
So if you've enjoyed your time here at Writing About Writing and you have a few dollars to contribute, please consider using that Paypal link over to the left. There is even a way to make a small donation reoccur monthly (it's just a button you can click when you sign up to make a donation that can make it a monthly donation).  So if you are, indeed, entertained, please give Writing About Writing the opportunity not only to keep entertaining you, but to do so with higher quality and more frequent offerings.

Don't forget, for those with tight budgets and limited funds, there are lots of other ways to help Writing About Writing that don't cost you anything at all.

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