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Monday, April 6, 2015

Questions Needed!

Today's post would normally be a mailbox, but I'm going to be asking for questions instead.


Craft? Process? Linguistics? Grammar? Books? Reading? Blogging? Writing-appropriate personal questions? (Or perhaps the occasional inappropriate one?)  I need them all!

Today's post serves a dual purpose. I pulled another 75+ hour work week last week, logging in nearly 55 hours of househusband shenanigans before I killed a single pixel writing.  (Toddler wrangling and dish wrestling mostly, but there's always a cat box or three a few thousand recyclables, and a mountain of dirty clothes.) We're in a busy transition here at the Hall of Rectitude as The Brain incorporates an entirely new area she has to patrol (along with all its endemic super villains and quirks) and phases out the old.

I'm still writing (obviously--and doing even more on non-blog projects), but I spent yesterday catching up on derelict housework so I didn't have a mailbox cooking like I usually do when I wake up on Monday morning. I'm trying to kind of "rotate" the days I do jazz hands so that it's not always eating up my Friday post.

But also.....I need questions.
I have a lot of questions in the hopper. Enough for several weeks. But let's talk about when the monkey wrench and my plan had their fateful encounter. 

See, I've been threatening for months now that I wanted to start up a second mailbox each week, and if I do that, I will blow through this hopper of questions in less than a month. Then we'll all be running around screaming at the sky "WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN US?" And then people start eating all the green Jelly Bellies first (because what's the point?) and then it's feral children roaming the streets for USB ports to charge their iPads. Within a generation we're forcing college professors to fight each other for our amusement on a reality TV show called The Tenure Games.

So send me more questions.

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  1. Don't know if this counts as a writing question, but do you have any thoughts about the Sad Puppy movement and the Hugo's? This is genre fiction, writing, and social politics so it'd seem like something you'd have some ideas about.