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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Last Chance to Vote (Best Single Story Arc Series)

Lord of the Rings 66 votes
Vorkosigan Saga 46 votes
Hitchhiker's Guide Series 38 votes
Chronicles of Amber 31 votes
Callahans 28 votes
His Dark Materials 27 votes
What is the best single story arc in a multi book series?   

March is coming to an end, and that means so is our best multi-book series poll. It's your last chance to vote...or vote again....or get your friends to stuff our relatively modest ballot box for your fav.

While Lord of the Rings has a rather commanding lead (though I've seen twice as many votes cast in a last day sprint), and the spread between 2nd and 6th is also pretty big. The spread between any TWO of the positions between is fairly small, and I've seen comebacks much bigger happen in less time than remains.

The poll description can be found here.

The poll itself is down on the left hand side at the bottom.

Please don't forget that our poll program will only track your IP address for one week, so since I can't stop shenanigans, I'm asking for as much of it as possible. Vote early. Vote often.

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