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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Status Report

Image description: Sonic gal during chemo with a rainbow afghan.
Everyone is doing as well as can be expected after a round of chemo. If you've never gone through it, they are pretty tough on the patient and cause lots of nausea and lethargy for days afterward. Plus there's usually follow up for fluids which involve going back for a couple of days and take a couple of hours each.  I did a full day of toddler wrangling and a bit of housework myself yesterday (minus a tag in for a nap), and I'm about to jump in for more of the same.

I was able to get a bit of writing done this morning, but not enough for a post. Unfortunately when I'm stressed and emotional, even though I still write, I have a tendency to be easily distracted and write a little bit on a lot of different projects or make Facebook posts or do very stream of consciousness writing.  I'm less able to sit and focus for a few hours. That's the reason I updated Social Justice Bard today, but didn't get a post here. Hopefully tomorrow I can get something up, even if I have to do some jazz hands and get the really real post up on Friday.

I am happy to report we DO have a guest blog for Thursday as well.

And don't forget to vote on our poll. Even though Lord of the Rings is almost certainly going to win (and I'm learning all over again that month long polls just don't have enough wind in their sails), second place is still up for grabs.

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