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Monday, March 7, 2016

Once More Unto The Brink (Personal Update)

This is my "Fuck curveballs!" face. 
So believe it or not, my life is experiencing another major curveball.

Can't you just feel my wellspring of happiness gushing up from the center of me over the fact that right when I almost had this cancer shit under control, and was getting my writing back to a steady pace–even around the non-trivial difficulties of chemo, I'm now looking down the barrel of something else. Can you feel it? Can you?

I can. It feels like I just barefoot stepped into cat mess and I'm about to turn the light on and figure out which end of the cat the mess came from. Except, you know, metaphorically.

I'm not going to go into a lot of details right now. Everything is too in flux and whatever I said could be wrong by 5pm. But it's big and it's bad and it will probably change my life.

The good news: when this is all said and done, I'll probably have more time for writing. In fact, that will almost certainly be the case even if one of those fluxed up versions of the whole thing goes down.

The bad news: it's going to happen pretty much right after the last cancer treatment. Like that is currently its precise scheduled date of arrival. So...fuck that.

However, as with every one of those fucking curveballs that doesn't incapacitate me with illness or injury, I'm going to keep on writing. I might lose a day or three along the way, but I do (at least) take my own advice. So apologies for the slow down this weekend. Hopefully our shit will have been gotten into the "together" position now that the initial bump is past.

And sometime in early summer I apologize for what will likely be a bit of a mess (but at least then you'll know what is going on). And between now and then I imagine there might be a few lost posts along the way...due to this or cancer or a two year old with child care that sometimes falls through.

But by god writers keep writing.

And so I shall.


  1. Feeling pain in your words. Yet resilience too. Just keep writing and sharing, we are with you.

  2. No pithy words, only that you're not shouting into the void.

  3. keeping you and yours in my thoughts and sending good vibes!