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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Best Non-European Setting (Poll Results Semifinal 2)

Thank you to everyone who voted in our poll. The top four names from each semifinal will go on to the final round (which I will put up Monday [and save the Mon post for Tuesday], so that the poll doesn't run too far into August). I wish there could have been a bigger spread between fourth and fifth place, but I had to get 'er done.

Unfortunately, I am running late for my teaching job, so I can't do much more than post the image. Fortunately this is my last day of teaching and of jazz hands blog posts and daily writing that gets funneled into journals and Facebook posts since I don't have the time to really write something crunchy.

Of course, I'm taking a three day weekend as promised to rest and recuperate. (I won't even be putting a menu up tomorrow–expect radio silence.) Also, I'll be moving next week, so I'm a little thin on promises for exactly when Writing About Writing will fire up the old schedule in earnest, but if all goes well, time seems like it will not be my enemy after this weekend.

Text of image above:

Lord of Light–Zelazny 9 25.71% 25.71% Monkey and The Monk A. C. Yu and Wu C. 6 17.14% 17.14% Haroun and the Sea of Stories–S. Rushdie. 6 17.14% 17.14% Throne of the Crescent Moon–S. Ahmed 5 14.29% 14.29% Who Fears Death–N. Okorafor 4 11.43% 11.43% Tales of the Otori–L Hearn 3 8.57% 8.57% The Fox Woman and Fudoki K. Johnson. 2 5.71% 5.71% 

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