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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Final Kickstarter Push

Image description: Book with light and magic symbols
coming out of it.
14 Hours to go in my book-funding Kickstarter!

If there were ever a time to share this link along with a couple of words of why you hope people who don't know me might want to give a buck or two, today would be the day.  

And if we pull out another $1200, there will be professional cover art instead of a non-copyrighted WWII picture of an explosion photoshopped next to a picture of ridiculously photogenic guy running away from evil wizards who have been sketched in pencil as creative commons on Ravalry. Oh and also professional formatting assistance so there are no one word pages.

And if we don't, I came far, far further than I ever could have dreamed, and will get my ass to the grindstone in exactly 24 days.

Next Monday we'll begin our slow process of returning Writing About Writing to its regularly scheduled programming. As family leaves, radiation finishes, summer school ends, and finally as I move out and get settled the time for writing will conversely amp up.

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