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Monday, November 21, 2016

Connectivity Woes and Novel Update (58, 227)

Pay no attention to how early it is
or the kid screaming to go to Disneyland,
or the fact that I'm writing in a bean bag chair.
Image description: writer looking harried
Really Rough Draft  

Raw unfettered shit- 58, 227 (Last update 50,852) [Just this update- 7425]     

Slightly polished turd- 34, 809 (Last week 34,809)  [Just this week- 0] 

*Reminder slightly polished turd is usually soft revision I've done to help jump start me into the next day's writing. It's no where close to a second draft, but it's a bit more polished than my raw copy. But a blank page is a hard start.

As you can see, I've still been writing this week (though not revising at all), but trying to get blogs up has been a comedy of cliches. In addition to being busier than I thought I would and with less time to sequester myself away with my laptop, there has also been a somewhat ridiculous cascade of failures trying to find three pronged plugs that could charge my laptop, wifi, and time. I keep finding two out of three, but I need the trifecta to really be able to do some solid blogging.

The good news is, that means I have some decent articles ready to go in a word document. And as soon as I'm back to terra firma, I'll get them up.

I fell behind again on the hope of hitting Nano word counts during November, so I'm going to have my work cut out for me in the last week if I'm going to make it.

I'll get you a better "life" update when I am back home. There are some sad aspects I can't really blog about, and some enjoyable trips to Disneyland with a wee one that have been awesome, but I've also spent a lot of time frustrated that my plans for locking a door and writing when I wasn't actively vacationing have been stymied. I'm going to have to go on lockdown when I get back.

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