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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Best Obscure Book Poll Results

Thank you everyone for participating in December's "Best Book That No One Seems to Have Heard Of" poll. I know it was a little weird for a poll, given the irony that the fewer people had heard of it, the worse it would do. But I hope everyone got some good books for their To Be Read list–maybe that they hadn't even heard of.

I tried to wait for some of the ties to get a definite winner, but for every one that went away, another showed up somewhere else on the poll.

I will make sure that our next poll is a little more traditional. Perhaps a redux from the early days of the blog–now that we have more readers. On that note, stay tuned. It will probably be up a little later today.

Text results below.

To Reign in Hell- S. Brust 18 28.57%
Exquisite Corpse- P. Z. Brite 8 12.7%
Callahan's Lady- S. Robinson 8 12.7%
The Principia Discordia Malaclypse the Younger 7 11.11%
Libriomancer- J. C. Hines 5 7.94%
Emerald Eyes- D.K. Moran 5 7.94%
Middlesex- J. Eugenides 4 6.35%
The Abyss- O.S. Card 3 4.76%
The Master and Margarita- M. Bulgakov 3 4.76%
Night's Dawn Trilogy- P. Hamilton 2 3.17%

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  1. The Irishman's Journey to Montana.....Best obscure book!