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Friday, July 7, 2017

Best Book (or series) Marketed to Young Women (Final Result)

Wow! What an amazing turn out for the final round of this poll. Thank you so much to everyone for participating. We had a really strong showing for nominations and great enthusiasm through quarter and semi finals (which is sometimes hard to do).

Congrats to The Raven Boys, Cinder, and Alanna, but really congrats to all the titles for their strong showing through all the attrition.

New poll topic will be up tomorrow so stay tuned.

Text version of results below.

The Raven Boys - M. Stiefvater 346 22.11%
Cinder - M. Meyer 329 21.02%
Alanna - T. Pierce 269 17.19%
The Finishing School Series - G. Carriger 225 14.38%
Harper Hall Trilogy - A.&T. McCaffery 195 12.46%
Terrier - T. Pierce 150 9.58%
Old Kingdom -G. Nix 40 2.56%
The Ruby in the Smoke - P. Pullman 11 0.7%


  1. Pippi Longstocking is better than any of these, IMO -- but it's really a children's rather than a YA series, so I'm not sure it really fit here in the first place.

    1. I don't know if you saw the earlier polls, but Pippi was in the quarterfinals.

  2. Poor Tamora Pierce, she wrote such good books that the two were in competition with each other instead of with the others. If they had been lumped into one, she would have won by over 70 votes!