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Friday, September 1, 2017

And Then I Noticed the Date

This picture has nothing to do with anything,
but I wanted to show off my new t-shirt.
Seeing as I'm running criminally behind on my "solid" pieces, I will hit you tomorrow rather than replace today's post completely, but I just noticed today is the first.  And that means......

Look, I know it hasn't been long since the major "fund raiser" of summer school, so I'm going to make this short and sweet.

Half the reason I'm always behind on real articles and don't write more is because I have to stitch together side gigs in order to pay my bills. Pet sitting works WELL with writing, but there could still be more writing and less "I'll-get-you-that-this-weekend-for-sure!"ing around here.

If you want more frequent "solid" updates–and just more updates in general, consider tossing a buck or two a month toward my Patereon. At our next goal I will do seven updates a week.

For less than the price of a movie every year (or an Imax if you really want to get freaky and go two dollars a month), you can usher in more and better content, get in on backchannel conversations that only patrons get to have, get early access to some articles (at higher levels), help an artist pay the bills and support independent entertainment and all that artsy fartsy crap, but perhaps most importantly of all, you can have the warm and vaguely superior feeling over everyone that you are a patron of the arts.

Know what's really cool? September has already gone through. If you sign up today, Patreon won't charge you until October!  You get a whole month of feeling benevolent and altruistic for free!

Of course if a running donation is not possible, I can take one-time donations through PayPal following the conspicuously placed tip jar at the top left. I can also do Venmo–my email is chris.brecheen@gmail.com

NOTE: If you'd like to support me as a writer, I welcome that support as I have skyrocketing rent and insurance like everyone else and might like to live in my own tiny studio some day instead of sharing a two bedroom with three people, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't "fund" my social justice writing in a vacuum. (My political snark I don't mind getting paid for, though those thoughts often dovetail.) I don't do the social equality part of my writing for money. I have my reasons for not being able to be a full-fledged "social justice advocate/activist/writer/warrior," and I refuse to be making a paycheck off of these struggles that are not mine. I'll do these Social Justice Bard posts and call out privilege on my Facebook no matter what. I promise. If the gestalt of my writing appeals, great (in that case donations are most welcome), but if you only want to see more social justice posts, please donate to the causes themselves (BLM, SPLC, Planned Parenthood, Equality Now to name just a few) or writers–particularly women of color–who are writing about their own struggles and without whose hard work I would never be able to articulate such ideas. Thank you.

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  1. I'm super appreciative of the note at the end. The social justice posts were definitely a consideration in my Patreon donations, but I've found your more writerly posts quite valuable, too. This wouldn't be "Writing About Writing" if you shifted to only doing social justice posts, and I think you're right to encourage people who are only here for that to donate to the people more on the front lines of those causes instead. :)