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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Meta Update

It's not my fault!

I'm going to have to post today's article tomorrow.

Because I'm going to have to do today's writing tonight.

Fortunately, the thing I'm working on is a kind of article I call a "slow burn."  That is, it's not based on a hot take of a new movie or a current event. And it's not just how I'm doing. Those kinds of articles really need to go up early on a weekday if you're going to get any decent traffic on them. (And if you wanted some advice about writing in the modern era with this excuse post, there it is.)

But seriously, it's SO HOT right now in this part of California (and where I'm pet sitting has no air conditioner) that having my computer on isn't just uncomfortable, I'm actually worried that it might be bad for the computer. So I need to wait for later afternoon when it's cooled a bit to get this party started, and I'm DEFINITELY not going to post something on a Saturday night--especially on west coast time.

Tomorrow.  Yesssssssssssss.

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