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Friday, March 29, 2019

Last Call for Votes on Best Contemporary Sci-Fi

Eat my Martian dust, every other book.
[This part will disappear in a few days- Hi everyone! I currently still have $385 to raise towards our fundraising goal. I'm trying to fix the laptop I do my writing on (the plastic piece that holds the hinge is broken so it flops all the way open unless I put something in the way). I'm also hoping to have enough to cover my taxes. Of course I'd love patrons as well, but if you've ever thought that a One Time Donation fits your budget better, there would never be a better time. The "Conspicuously Placed Tip Jar™" (on your left) will work. Or click here.]

What is the best science fiction book (or series) written in the last ten years?  

At this rate The Martian's going to win. You okay with that? Either way, you're almost out of time in this poll. Remember that unlike our polls to date, this poll is going to have its results posted on a special display page that people will look at for years (until the next time I run this exact poll again).

Everyone gets three [3] votes, but as there is no way to "rank" votes, you should use as few as you can stand.

The poll itself is in the lower left at the bottom of the side menus.

If you're on mobile you can scroll ALLLLLL the way to the bottom and click on"webpage view" to see the side menus and get to the polls.

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