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Monday, April 22, 2019

Folks Worth Checking Out

My own writing:  

NOT Writing About Writing- Another blog I write on the regular. Thoughts too long for my Facebook navel gazing and not not write-y enough for here.

Special Mention:

Jay Henge Publishing- (and Twitter) A small-time publisher/editor who just wants to do their tiny part in getting eyes on talented writers and maybe can't pay all that much (but at least a little), and does her best to maintain high quality so that that foot-in-the-door-previously-published-in-blah-anthology tag is actually beneficial. [Also the one place I have something "traditionally" published.]

Bango Films / The Grey Area- Two horror film projects by Comika Hartford (Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/comika)

Art Pages:

Laurel Grey Artistry When the time comes, they're going to do the cover art on my book!

The Art of Karen Luk

Fractalierre Fractal artistry

Holly Nelson Artist Page- intricate, richly coloured painting


Pop Culture Confessions Podcast- A podcast about movies that everybody was supposed to have seen by now. (And I'm actually a guest in one of the episodes!  Misery)

9 to Thrive- A podcast and blog about work, community, and creativity

Other Blogs:

Fen Druadìn's Blog- In Which I Say All The Things I Used To Be Afraid To Say
The Internet Meme Demolition Derby- Where Metaphor and Simile collide headlong for our amusement (by Lou Doench)
Heinous Dealings- A blog about all things SJW by an ex-Muslim who majored in philosophy (by Heina Dadabhoy)
James Fell- Everything from fitness to social justice to motivation to rants about dark chocolate and why MLMs suck and how Costco is a hellscape.

Etsy/Society6 Stores:

Theartfulscientist- Awesome queer insect art that has to be seen to be believed
Sea Gift Jewelry- Sea glass jewelry from the California coast

Editing Services:

Good Catch Writing Services

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