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Friday, February 7, 2020


Today's post (besides this little thing) will go up on Monday. Not that I'm procrastinating, but the work that needs to be done is all "behind the scenes" and admin crap. It's going to require about three hours and change of collating data down inside the guts of Blogger's analytics, me with a pen and paper matching up five figure numbers that are only different by one digit until my eyes cross, and finally hours of cutting and pasting the end results into their proper format.

See, there is ONE more thing I need to do to wrap up the 2019 year, and that is dig through ALL the best articles by month, REMOVE the 10 best articles of the year, and then figure out what the NEW three best articles are for each month. I hate this part and I always procrastinate. One year it was March before I finally got it taken care of. I could probably farm it out to a computer program, but it would have to be able to "skip" appeals posts and polls, and sometimes I have to decide whether something that was really a throw away post ("I'm sick. See you tomorrow.") but somehow did really well is worth immortalizing in the Greatest Hits menu.

But this year, with February barely getting started, I'm practically early.

If you're watching VERY closely, you might notice some menus getting updated in real time, but on Monday I'll make a very simple post with some links pointing out where all the updated shit landed.

However, as long as I've got you here, let me also mention that I'm going to need an extra day off each week through February. Probably easiest to just declare now that it will be Wednesday.  That means a maybe post (or possibly NWAW) on Monday. Something admin/short/meta/etc on Tuesday. Then a mailbox on Thurs, and something heavy on Fri.

I'm moving. (And I'm moving into my own place!!!! *SQUEEEEEEEEE*)

All the "YES!!!!!" 
The extra days are for packing, moving, hooking up utilities in the new place, and stuff like that. Fortunately, being a writer, I don't need to take off the EXACT days that I'm doing whatever the thing is, unless I'm up against a deadline like a baryon sweep. (I'm doing rather well on that front since the new schedule kicked in.) 

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