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Friday, January 15, 2021

Best Y.A. Book (Or Series) Nominations Still Needed

What is the best Young Adult Book (or series) in the Science Fiction genre? Come join our conversation.

Remember there are no more polls. These days instead of a grudge match, we just have a conversation about some good books. ANY book can end up on our list with just a single nomination. The only thing I do even remotely like "ranking" is to put the books in order by number of "seconds." 

Please don't forget to pop over to the original page to drop that nomination, see what has been nominated and second those you agree with, and brush up on the rules (there are a FEW) if you haven't already. With everything going on in our political landscape, and me trying to plow through the "admin business" of the new year, it might be easy to forget that there's a NOTpoll going on., but please come join in and tell us the books you love and think are either the "best" or just just don't get enough love.

Just a reminder that I'm drawing a distinction here, although I am not making it a hard and fast line, and I will certainly not "police" it. There will be another NOTpoll along shortly for dystopian Y.A. since it is such a pronounced genre of its own with SO many rich and wonderful choices. It absolutely needs its own category. I'm not going to nitpick, and I know there's a lot of overlap between the two, but consider if you think your nominee might be a better fit for dystopia rather than sci-fi. (Hunger Games, for example, did not make enough out of the futuristic tech and/or emphasize sci-fi tropes. It felt much more dystopian to me.) 

Again, please remember to go to the original page to drop your nomination (and familiarize yourself with the rules if you haven't yet). If you put it anywhere else (including a Facebook comment on this post) it will not be counted.

Thank you all for joining in our NOTpoll. I've really loved reading all your comments about the books you treasure and why.

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