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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Facebook Compilation (Bottom of May)

Welp. Apparently I did almost no significant Facebooking in late May—not that many memes but particularly very little writing that got shared (or liked by many).  

But this is what I had planned for today since about last week at this time, so I don't really have anything else that I'm ready to post. I guess today is just going to be a little bit on the light side, and I'll use more of my time to keep plugging away on overdue Patreon rewards.

Protip for moderates (and no small number of liberals): If you expected me to sit through six paragraphs of explanation of why "corporations are people" doesn't really mean "corporations are people," sticking your fingers in your ears when someone tries to bring some nuance to what they mean by "defund the police" makes you look like the worst kind of hypocrite imaginable.

I think the most frustrating part of the far left is that I agree with them on almost everything and almost completely, but for the life of me they don't seem to realize that they TOO will have to govern a pluralistic society that has reactionary swings, and unless they are prepared to violently maintain an oppressive anti-democratic regime against MOST people in most parts of the country (the way the GOP does right now), what they really need to gear up for is an absolutely MASSIVE war of ideas instead of simply dismissing 95% of the labor class as not radical enough to attend the meetings and dismissing their struggles as unworthy while there's "REAL" leftism to be done.

[This one is technically from 2017 during the 2016 general election postmortem, but I've still seen the argument floating around today.]

  • Russian social media psyops
  • Cambridge Analytica exploits data mined info
  • a decades-long campaign of outrageous misogyny
  • the Republican Party accepts the political capital and financial support of Nazis, white supremacists, and white nationalists*
  • massive disenfranchisement campaign by and for Republicans that disenfranchises almost exclusively marginalized folks
  • gerrymandering so bad that it it takes a computer to do it and creates “unassailable” districts, thus silencing liberals and nearly halving their representation
  • the extent of Russian interference is STILL being uncovered but clearly involved some level of collusion
  • FBI director takes it upon himself to break the law and launch a torpedo at the campaign in its last couple of weeks because he wouldn't have wanted the results to seem illegitimate
  • an anachronistic, winner-take-all system of electoral votes wherein the votes of people in populous blue states matter significantly less than those in rural (more conservative) small states and which has caused the loser of the popular vote to be president twice in 16 years
  • finance corruption approved by SCOTUS that creates a deluge of money that chiefly goes to conservative candidates
  • an influx of cash from the NRA for GOP campaigns which may have involved $30 million in Russian money
  • Clinton wins the popular vote by 3,000,000 votes

Us: “It’s the Democrats fault for picking a candidate that didn't excite me.”


  1. when we start uncovering the pastors and other religious figures involved we'll be deep enough, maybe

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