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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Tuesday Report 3-22-22

Note: We're going to focus almost exclusively on our Behind the Scenes work this week. A little over 95% of my patrons (bless them forever) stuck with me through cancer, surgery, and recovery even though I wasn't really posting very much and sometimes not at all, so I am going to work hard on getting some newsletters, selfies, and early access posts up for my various reward tiers. 

[And I won't do a full appeals post before I've gotten back into the swing of regular posting because that always feels a little acquisitive to pass the hat when I'm not rocking it, but the medical bills I'm still looking at (even after insurance) are already in the mid four figures, so if you want to help out, I could sure use new patrons or some one-time donations. I also have Venmo (chris.brecheen@gmail.com) and can accept other forms of payment if prefered.] 

Quick Personal/Health Update- 

I've basically survived cancer. They're going to monitor something called my CAH levels which can indicate if I've got a tumor and because of Lynch syndrome, I'm going to have annual colonoscopies. But the tumor is out and didn't spread. Lynch is a lot like having a chronic illness. If I stay on top of it and take some steps to safeguard myself, I can probably have a mostly okay life. If I let it slide, I'll probably get more cancer. And I already have a semicolon, so I can't really afford to have them slice out any more.

They found some liver scarring when they did my CT and my liver functions are wonky. That and my spleen are enlarged, and it's affecting my platelets. So that's next. I don't drink (really ever) and I've never had hepatitis, so I need to do more tests and maybe get a biopsy. 

I was physically better in almost no time. I'm even eight weeks into a 20 week training regimen to run a marathon in under five hours. Mentally, I am just now reaching the place I thought I'd be two months ago at the MOST. 

Weekly Schedule Adjustments-

My schedule is settling and my ability to focus is returning, but like I said above, this week I'm basically going to ignore the "on stage" blog and do all my work behind the scenes for the patrons. I am pretty behind on my monthly compilation posts, so maybe I'll do one of those.

Novel Progress-

I want to finish the behind the scenes stuff before I commit to ANYthing else, but I'd like to start working on fiction this week if there's time for it. It's been too long. There might—MIGHT—be a report here next week.

Behind the Scenes-

Hoping to have a huge hit of behind the scenes stuff. Look for newsletters, selfies, and if I'm on fire, even an early access article to drop as the week goes on.


  1. Awesome! That you're recovering well. I can say walking the journey with you helped me cope with my own fears. And it made me utterly determined to upgrade my health maintenance and do all the tests I should having 🙂 Thanks for your courage to share this part of your life with all of us.

  2. I appreciate and admire your courage and your openness. I really like that you talk about multiple types of help and that there isn't one cure-all, it takes a lot of work in different ways, which is what I believe. Your words have a more universal significance beyond helping us to feel connected as writers. Our culture often makes us feel that the only acceptable condition is perfection, outstanding achievement, and flawless performance. Life is full of experience and challenge. I believe the struggle is worthwhile, and I feel strengthened and encouraged listening to your words. I really feel for your journey, backward steps are hard. Backward steps are tough for everyone. I'm glad that the steps forward are happening too. I'm really glad that you're writing, I look forward to every post!