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Thursday, March 10, 2022

Writing About Songwriting

[CN: Audio link with smutty lyrics—not explicitly NSFW content, but if your boss or kids is listening close, there's enough innuendo that they might clutch their pearls.]

So while I've been recovering from cancer, it's been hard to kind of focus my writing energy and attention on deadlines and blog posts about dialogue, dramatic pacing, or grammar, but I've not been without my creative outlets. There's been plenty of writing in more free flow forms, including helping Rhapsody write some of her smutty and funny songs.  Like this gem we collaborated about a certain generously-mustached plumber:


I know it's not the usual fare I serve here at Writing About Writing, but I thought I would share because I like to make ALL my writing accessible from one place (here), as well as show folks following my career in real time that even though "finish your shit" is some spectacular advice, sometimes its rejuvenating (and fun—remember FUN?) to take a break and work on another project for a little while. 


I’m down with the free mushrooms 
The flower power’s kinda hot
Your fisting skills are legendary 
I’ve been giving this some thought

She’s always in another 
castle’s dungeon and therefore…
Your overalls would look better
In a pile on my floor 

Bro face facts, it’s more open than you think
It’s been forty years she’s got a kidnapping kink.
I wanna take that mustache for a ride
Have you check my plumbing deep inside

Oh Mario
Power down into meeee

You could wear just cappy 
or that furry raccoon suit
Invite your friends, I’m into it
—Toadette is kinda cute

I want to hear that power up noise
As you lay pipe into me
Let’s empty out those fire balls
Give in to ecstasy 

I wanna one up with you all day
And if you wanna two up, ask Luigi to play
You can smash my box for your prize
Just say “it’s a-me” when you come inside

Oh Mario
Power down into meeee

Rail me while on your hot star power
Douse me in your golden coin shower
There’s a hidden level inside this hole
As I slide down every inch of your flag pole

Oh Mario
Power down into meeee
Oh Mario
Power down into meeee
Oh Mario-o oh! OH!!!
Power down into meeee

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