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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Internal Correspondence

[So I want to apologize for the insane article yesterday.  We needed to let ourselves get hacked in order to track who has been piggy backing the signal to deliver bad advice to all of you.  I got this e-mail today, and it seems kind of relevant to several things that have been going on here at Writing About Writing for about the last eight months or so.]


So I have good news and bad news about our Mystery Guest Blogger.  Actually I have bad news and epically bad news and some kind of wonky weird news that's mostly bad but also just sort of alarming, and not so much good news, but I guess some of it is okay.

[Writer's note: That seems about right for status quo around here.]

First of all, I was able to track the location of the poster. And...um...well, that's about where the pool of good news dries up. The post was submitted from within the Writing About Writing compound, and before you ask, it was not from the basement.  Your evil clone couldn't have done this. (And for the record, I'm still not sure I'm entirely clear on why he's "evil" since the only real difference between you two....at ALL seems to be whether or not you love or hate NaNoWriMo--a decidedly non-moral event.  Seriously, he even makes the same bad puns as you during conversation.)  That means it was someone on the upper levels. One of the guest bloggers, someone from R&D--which as you know means pretty much just ME since the budget cuts--or one of the staff.  Or I guess that weird cheese guy on the third floor.

[Writer's note- That guy was here when we moved in.  And I still don't know where he gets the cheese from. I really don't trust him.]

So that's how he was able to get past our firewall encryption--he was posting from inside W.A.W. Also, there appears to be a trojan that has sequestered and "misfiled" a significant amount of internal communication.  I'm pretty sure I can eventually dig out the information it has dead zoned, but it is going to take some time.  I was able to recover some of the recent cached e-mails, and much of what I've seen is from your guest bloggers begging you to stop sending Cedric to beat the shit out of them for articles they sent you months ago.  Leela Bruce seems to be able to fight him off, but Sir Guy Goodman St.White insists that the minute he's sober enough to find the exit, he's out of here.

[Writer's note- When did this happen?  Why the hell won't people tell me about the shit that's going on in my own blog?]

I'm working to get it all cleaned up, but it will be at least a few days.

[Writer's note- Oh, I do hope it doesn't interfere with your experiments into space time to bring your dead girlfriend back to life.  Because that would be a shame.]

-William "The SciGuy" Nie

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