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Thursday, November 7, 2013

October's Best

The most popular posts of October, analytics, what's coming for November, and more.

These were the best articles of October.  They will join the other's in 2013's Best.

An Introvert's Birthday (Desptite snippy articles to the contrary, few get what "introvert" means.)
A Daily Dose of Demon Dueling (My life long struggles against the shadow of depression.)
The Mailbox: How Am I About Writing Every Day?  (What happens when the tables are turned?)

Technically 15 Things Not to Do to a Writer (Unless You Hate them) Part 2 should be on the top three, but since it's the second part of a three part article and the first part got on the best of September, I don't need to list it twice.

November was lackluster, but not tragic.  Losing my laptop meant I did a lot of jazz hands.  Several of the "real" articles I wanted to write were stuck on my laptop when it died, and we have only just been reunited.

23,021 is still better than my best pre-"Creepy Guy" numbers. 

So a lot of what's on the docket for November was what was on the docket for October.  I plan to get another chunk of A Demon's Rubicon revised, and Twizzlefizzlepop is dying to tell you about a book he read.

Oh and don't forget to write in your nominations for the best (non Sci-fi, non Fantasy, non Horror) speculative fiction.  There are some REALLY good suggestions already on the page.  It's going to be a good poll.  I do have to warn you that The Brain's due date is December 1st, so if I suddenly drop of the earth for a couple of days, I'm probably catching a baby, and I'll be back--and with some absurdly cute photos.

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