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Monday, January 20, 2014

A Week of The Little Things

I will probably keep doing my "personal-ish" updates on Mondays (that way the mad fans who keep writing "MOAR DEETS!" can know when to tune in for the very best in cyber stalking, and the people who think "what do I care about this guy?" know which days to go fuck themselves avoid.

It's actually been a pretty damned good week if you forget about the fact that The Hall of Rectitude was attacked by an army of Scarecrows. We all ended up beating off the straw-men as best we could, but they just kept coming. We ended up having to strike down the psychic who was controlling them--she got away but we have a new villain named Doctor M.E. to worry about. But aside from that nasty business, it's been totes amazeballs!

This week there are lots of smallish personal and writing developments, that are rocking my socks right off my feet.  I keep putting them back on, but they get rocked right off again. Probably none of them would particularly worthy of their own post, but every single one is slightly epic.  I sort of want to put them on a t-shirt and strut down the street, and flirt with all the hotties in such a way that they can totally see my shirt.  So in honor of a week of little things, I give you one of my Posts With a Soundtrack(tm). Just hit play on the Youtube video, and then start reading.
  • I got a Fitbit for Christmas. (It's a little accelerometer that I wear like a watch and it tells me how far I've walked). It isn't that great, in that doesn't walk for me or promise me threesomes if I hit my daily goals, but it does kind of show me when I'm being sedentary. I've been walking between five and ten miles a day most days, and in addition to getting pretty close to hitting my first weight loss goal, I find that the exercise is doing really well at clearing my head for writing.
  • I had a rough week on one of the other blogs I write for. My story of The Contrarian's birth has prompted a lot of members of the Youth Crime Fighter's Advocacy Union to lodge formal protests. But I wrote another post sort of explaining it, and I kind of felt like I nailed that one. Like I sort of want to run up to my roof and yell "NAILED IT!"Actually my roof is really slanted. I'm just asking to max out my insurance deductible if I try that. Maybe I should go to Tilden tomorrow or something.
  • Writing About Writing reached another totally arbitrary--yet still totally exciting--round number. It's hard to get brain-frothingly excited about 600,000 once you've passed that HALF A MILLION point, but it's still pretty awesome.  We are on our way to the big "Seven Figures. (You have to say that in a deep booming voice through cupped hands to get the right effect.)
    There's got to be at least one or two that aren't from my mother.
  • I ALSO hit a sort of mid-milestone (but still a bit worth crowing about) on Facebook.  Facebook is sort of like the red headed stepchild of the internet--what would happen if you told someone to design the most frustrating yet useful tool they possibly could. But it has perhaps the highest glass ceiling for helping me get W.A.W. out to people who haven't seen it before.
    Only 4,500 of them are bots!
  • Though perhaps the biggest number-based excitement has more to do with how Writing About Writing is doing on an ongoing basis. Milestones are awesome, of course, but the ongoing improvement of W.A.W.'s performance is especially awesome.  After Changing the Creepy Guy Narrative died down in September-ish, I stopped breaking a thousand hits a day except maybe for once a month or so.  Usually it was closer to 700 or so.  Slowly I've crept back up to the thousand hits a day mark.  I'm still not hitting it every day, but enough get a little bit of drool and periodically check my inbox for groupie applications.  (Not yet, but soon, I'm sure.)  
    Did Chaucer get a thousand hits a day? No he didn't.
  • Obligatory baby pictures.  Drink them in while you can. The Brain isn't going to let me take pictures forever.  The Lair of Larceny is using facial recognition software in it's villainy these days, and the last thing we want is The Contrarian being targeted for conversion. I'm sure they'd have their hands full given his power, but he is also already skirting the line of anti-hero, so it could be easier than we think. Once he's old enough to have his facial features recognized later when he's in Crime Fighter School, she won't let me post any more pictures.  
  • I started work this week.  That's why we've been flying a little seat-of-our-pants-ish these last few days. Things should stabilize soon, but I'm still getting the hang of how quickly things can change with a baby in the house hall. I'm pretty sure the diapers have their own psychic powers too!  However, I am 90% sure that the new update schedule can still be awesome and be Mon-Fri and I won't have a psychotic break every Wednesday.  Maybe.  The psychotic break thing might be pushing it.

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