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Friday, May 20, 2016

Monterey Fishes and the Do Over Week (Personal Update)

Image description: Me
with the ocean behind me.
Not fighting crime.
You may have noticed there was no post yesterday.

I mean, that assumption is predicated on the fact that you notice at all when I don't post, and to all ten of you for whom that is true, I apologize.

Sci Guy came to me and explained that we were having a quantum fluctuation in our gravitron parameters for the tachyon emission spectrum, which he assured me meant that if the Evil Mystery Blogger were to hack our signal yesterday, we would likely be suddenly shifted with the parallel universe in which he was the writer of Writing About Writing, and we all end up being the Evil Mystery Bloggers of that universe. Needless to say, even though we haven't heard from our bad-advice friend in a while, we decided not to chance it.

So since it's been a little slow on the crime fighting front, we all went to Monterey.

The plan was to go in two groups and one group would head back early while the other group stayed and shopped. I sort of imagined I'd be back by about three or four, get my guest post up, work on today's post, and see the reharmonization of the tachyon emissions or whatEVER it takes to not become the Evil Mystery Blogger of a world in which the key to being a writer is to have an expensive pen.

What ended up happening took all day. And I mean all day. So there I was in The Monterey Bay Aquarium, at the time I thought I would be getting home, with no computer, no wifi, and no regrets no way to really get a post up. We actually didn't pull in until after 8pm (when no good, self-respecting blog post goes out for the first time) and then I had to put The Contrarian to bed.

At that point I was too far behind on everything–including today's post.

(By the way, for those of you keeping track at home like a hawk for me to hypocritically fuck up in my own mantra of advice, I did write yesterday for about an hour and change. But most of it was non-blog related and happened either before I knew I was not going to have the afternoon to work, or well after it is wise to put a blog post up.)

So here's what I'm going to do: I'm going to call this week a do-over. Because totally awesome impromptu family vacations shitty weeks with evil blogger parallel universes and shit happen, and sometimes they eat your writing time. I will try to convince myself that a bag of salt water taffy is a breakfast of champions and kick ass working on making next week spectacular. You may even be rocked by my only-five-months late Star Wars post and/or some fiction.

I'll still put up a menu tomorrow.

Image Description: Me looking....lustfully at a bag of salt water taffy.

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