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Thursday, March 27, 2014

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Whenever I'm unpublished,
I stop being unpublished and be awesome instead.
Hi everyone,

As part of my ongoing service to tell you the secrets of success (and there are secrets, my friends so don't let anyone sell you on that "hard work and lots of reading" crap) I have bundled all my articles together in the same place, and placed them with the other guest bloggers.

Because fuck Chris, that's why.

Oh and don't worry. There will be more posts coming; I promise. I'm not afraid to divulge the actual secrets of being a successful writer even though established authors hate me for spilling their trade secrets. And don't worry about me getting caught either. The SciGuy will never be able to keep me out of the computer system because that idiot Chris doesn't realize I'm operating right under his nose.

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The Worst Best Trope Advice
The Worst Best Writing Advice About Reading
The Worst Best Tips for Writing People of Color
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