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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Don't Forget The Kickstarter!!

This is a screen grab from the Kickstarter page.
To see the actual video go to: http://kck.st/1TV2MQp 
Hi everyone,

Only three weeks (and one day) remain in my Kickstarter: Triexta: A Novel of (sub)urban fantasy.

We've already funded to our first goal (which is awesome) but let me tell you why we still need your help.

When I first decided to do a Kickstarter, I had no idea what to expect or that my social media reach would help me out so much or even that people would be quite so excited about the project I was proposing. I mean.....damn. (And you have to say "damn" like Will Smith in Men in Black for the proper effect.) I created reward tiers of over a hundred dollars whimsically and without ever thinking they would actually be pledge amounts. I decided to start with a small and modest goal ($2500) because Kickstarter is all or nothing in terms of funding. If you don't reach your goal, you don't get any money.

Thus, my first goal was only about a quarter of what I wanted to ask for. Actually, originally, I had an even smaller first goal, but someone talked me out of going that low. They made me do motivational exercises in the mirror about loving myself and set me off with a final cry of "Beefcake!" I made the totality of what I was hoping to get into flex goals. $2500 keeps me writing for about five months. That's not enough time to write a novel. It's enough time to write a solid first draft (and maybe start a second).

What I really wanted to do was spend a year writing a book and then self-publish it as close to free as I can make it. I just didn't think in a million years a goal that ambitious would ever fund.

Well, we hit my first goal in just a few hours (and I may have cried), and my first flex goal a few hours after that (I needed oxygen....and then cried). Currently we're about $1800 away from my second flex goal, and that is what will give me the opportunity to keep writing (rewriting, revising, peer review, and polishing) come Spring semester. This flex goal will have a substantial impact on when Triexta comes out. If I have to go back to working 40-50 hours a week on other gigs to make ends meet, it will take a lot longer to rewrite and revise what I've got by December's end.

Remember that it only takes a dollar or two to get on the Kickstarter list where I'll send updates on progress and make sure everyone knows when the book is going to drop. But if you really want to back this project with gusto, there are some pretty awesome rewards including video chats, having characters named after you, and personal click bait posts about how awesome you are.

And as a personal message to my Writing About Writing readers, don't forget that providing this writing time will increase my productivity across the board even if it's earmarked for a book. Prolific writing begets more prolific writing and time to be creative raises the tide of all the ships. WAW is about seven weeks out from a renaissance of creativity that can continue on for months with your help.

The reason I don't have paywalls, and the reason I don't have ads, and the reason I can write books and make them free for everybody (with a only a dollar charge for e-readers or the materials for a physical copy) is because of donations from all of you, so if you've ever wanted to throw a few bucks to support what I do here, now would be a spectacular time.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes. It looks like as long as you have a major credit card, you can back. If you that's an obstacle, but you can pay through Paypal, send me an e-mail (chris.brecheen@gmail.com) and I can make sure that you get on the list for which ever reward tier you're interested in.