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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Status Report (Personal Update)

I hope that light at the end of the tunnel isn't a train!
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A quickie today just to let you know where we are and what's coming up.

  • An apocalypse of dishes in the sink is my price for writing a full fledged article yesterday, so this will have to be a short, personal update, so I can throw in another load before I go to teach. Still, it felt good to let out the throttle a little. Posts like that used to be the norm....back in the before time. And they will be again, in the utopic era of promise and prophecy! When the time of the Kickstarter is upon us.  
  • We are at six weeks and counting for move out date, which makes me sad beyond the telling of it, but also optimistic at what might be a better future. It smells like unrealized potential all over the place lately. That and fishsticks. But that's a story there's no time to get into.
  • We are at five weeks and counting for the end of summer school. I almost imagine a soft female voice saying "Productivity impacted. Nominal status returning in....five weeks." Fortunately in one of the rare pleasant surprises of this entire fucking landfill inferno of a year, summer school isn't hitting me as hard as last year since The Contrarian has been able to go to summer play camps and get tag ins.
  • Various other environmental factors are coming down the pipe in the next three weeks, and things might still get sticky, but I'm juggling and spinning plates to keep it all going.
  • My Kickstarter is a little over half way to what I'm calling "The Real Project Goal" (The actual amount that I thought was far too ambitious so I set it at something smaller and made the full project into flex goals.) The current flex goal ($7500) is less than $2000 away. This is the flex goal that will give me the funds to continue working into Spring semester and will make the schedule for completion a year instead of 18 months or more.
  • I did a little Ask Me Anything for my Kickstarter, which turned out to be kind of lackluster. There were great questions but only from a small handful of folks. I don't think it generated a single pledge. Maybe it got someone reading who wasn't before or piqued some interest...maybe. I'll probably do another before the fund raiser is over, but answer the questions as I can get to them over time instead of sitting down for a set amount of time.
  • I am going to bend the laws of time and space to get at least TWO more pieces of fiction up in the sixteen days I have remaining. One is a stand-alone piece, and the other is the final installment of A Demon's Rubicon. My hope is to be able to point to that and some of my other fiction and say "You can get more of this if you back our Kickstarter." 
  • Tomorrow I'll put up our first semifinal of non-European fantasy. Please take this last opportunity to second what's there or get a last minute nomination up.

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