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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Don't Forget To Vote (Semifinal 2)

Image description: Cover of the book Snow Crash
A figure in front of a cyber landscape holding a sword.
What is the best modern science fiction book or series?  

Hopefully, in addition to Ima Lister's completely unexpected out-of-the-park hit (which went up late in the day, so you should check it out if you haven't) we get something juicy up for you on a flight from one coast to the other of the United States (a flight from Oakland to Washington D.C. which is long enough to justify paying for internet) where I am going to visit my mom, long estranged this last year while I dealt with the health of loved ones. However the rest of this week may have a bit of jazz hands since in addition to the obligatory good son visit, I am dealing with the absolute last bits of Move 2.0 (my king sized mattress and the last of unpacking) and packing for said trip. There's also no guest post lined up for Thursday as life has hit all my guest bloggers with the life stick as enthusiastically as it has hit me.

Point being....

Please don't forget to vote in our current semifinal round for best modern science fiction. This poll will be up until early next week, but then we have to get on with the final round that will last out September.

Everyone will get five votes (5). The top five names will go on to the final round. Before you simply vote for your favorite four, consider that, as there is no ranking of those four votes; each vote beyond one dilutes the power of your choices a little more. So if you have a genuine favorite–or pair of favorites–it's better to use as few votes as possible.

The poll itself is on the left side, at the bottom of the side menus.

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