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Friday, September 16, 2016

Listicles about Writing (Menu Tour)

You know you love lists. Why fight it? Why not just find some good ones about writing?  

Soon there will be a new name to add to the great Listers of our culture. Ima will join their ranks.

I will not only redeem myself for the egregious error they made on my birth certificate when they misspelled Ira, but I will continue the illustrious Lister tradition.

The Holy Trinity of Writing Advice-The Only List You REALLY Need
The 17 Rules of Writing
Five Things You Can Do to Be a Better Writer Almost Overnight
Four Things Every Writer Should Know About Grammar
Five Things You Might Not Think Would Make You A Better Writer (But Totally Will)
8 Things Prometheus Can Teach You About How Not to Write
Seven Sign That "Good" Advice Actually Sucks
20 Ways to Sabotage Yourself As a Writer
6 Easy Ways to Ninja More Pageviews
15 Terrifying Things That Will Make You A Better Writer

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