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Friday, September 2, 2016

Evil Mystery Blogger

It's nothin till you don't got one.
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Well, it seems the Evil Mystery Blogger knew I was heading out of town on vacation to visit OG, and tried to launch one of his incredibly bad advice articles. The Sci Guy tried to do a reverse Trojan something or other (and "reverse the poleron flow") to catch who it was in the act, but EMB just did a flash blast and blew out the power cable I was using from my remote upload location.

While the Sci Guy was able to fix the problem quickly at the Writing About Writing compound, your intrepid head writer was stuck on a train in Nevada with a useless power cable.

I had to wait until Grand Junction, Colorado and a little store called "Doug's Depot" where they overcharged me by just about double before I could get my end hooked back up. And then we left civilization and drove along the Colorado river for eight hours (lovely view, but I was not able to re-establish sufficient contact for a download until I came in range of the greater Denver metropolitan area.)

We aren't sure what he was going to post, but undoubtedly some terrible advice from which we narrowly escaped. The Sci-Guy is working on a firewall fix so that he can't do such a thing again. In the meantime, we will bring you something this weekend to make up for the two days under attack.

And it seems I'm going to have to have another discussion with the Sci Guy about prioritizing cyber security over delving into alternative dimensions looking for one where the woman he kissed once might be alive....

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