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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

August's Best

Today would normally be a guest post, but we're still scrounging to try and find a few new guest bloggers. Last week's post produced a new batch of hopefuls, and I have to put them through the advanced hazing process*. But it'll be another week at least before those articles start rolling in, and my normal crew of guest bloggers have tragically life-like lives and can't always pop off a blog post on the fly.

*For values of "advanced hazing process" that include reading a couple of paragraphs, understanding what they mean, and sending me some sample writing.

So I figured since it was now not just the next month but the NEXT NEXT month, it was probably time to put up the best of August's articles. These are the articles that will go up in our Hall of Fame and carry the torch of Writing About Writing's greatest moments into the future.....or something.

Move 2.0–Working Through the Bumps (Personal Update) You know what's better than moving? Moving twice in as many months! And writing through the whole process.

Bass Ackwards (Personal Update) A post move

Should You Choose to Comment Commenting is still open, but moderated, and if you don't want to be shown the door, you should be aware of our commenting policy.

Honorable Mention The Writing Process (Menu Tour) This menu wasn't a new post but just one of the reposted menus, but it got enough page views that it would have been a second place article.

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