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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Vote and Nominate (And vote....and nominate)

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Old Man's War
Two quick things since it is too late to post a real article for tonight. I will continue to spit shine the one I had ready to go today.

Number one- Please don't forget to vote in our current poll for Best Modern Science Fiction. While there's a clear front runner, many of the other races are tight. And ten votes is nothing in the world of grabbing all your Reddit friends to come stuff a ballot.

Number two- Nominate and second titles in our current call for Best Horror Novel/Novella. I can absolutely guarantee you that the number of nominations plus the need to finish the poll by the end of October is going to mean that I only take titles that have been given two or more "seconds." SO DON'T GET COMFY IF YOUR BEST BOOK ONLY HAS ONE.

Man oh man, don't let me get sick this weekend.

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