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Monday, October 17, 2016

Best Horror Novel/Novella (October Poll)

Image description: bats in a cemetery.
What is the best Horror genre Novel/Novella?

Our October/Halloween poll is live!  

Scariest? Most canonical? Best written? What is the best novel or novella in the horror genre.

I left out the two Poe nominations even though both got enough seconds. While I'm pretty generous about definitions, at only about 6000 and 7000 words respectively, both are definitely short stories, not novellas. (And I have an idea for something coming up to do with short stories.)

From your nominations we have put together nine titles. Everyone will be getting THREE (3) votes. Before you simply vote for your favorite six, consider that, as there is no ranking of those votes; each vote beyond one dilutes the power of your choices a little more. So if you have a genuine favorite–or pair of favorites–it's better to use as few votes as possible.

As always, remember that having no ability to cull shenanigans like double voting or calling in the troops, I encourage as much of it as possible. Vote early. Vote often.

The poll itself is on the left side, at the bottom of the side menus.

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