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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Why are you so anal about daily writing? (Mailbox.)

Image description: Calendar with "Write" written in on every day.
Why are you so anal about telling people they should be writing every day?

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I'm taking a slowball over the plate today since yesterday's article took about three days to write. This came in in response to the article last night.

Mark asks:

Why are you so anal about telling people to write every day?

My reply:

It's really simple actually:

1- I'm not. I actually want you to write exactly as much as you want to write to lead a happy and fulfilling life with some creative expression folded in. If you are happy with how much you write, that is the correct amount. It's just great advice if you're unhappy because you're not as successful as you want to be.

2- I'm not. What I'm actually telling people isn't what they OUGHT to do or what the writer police mandate to give out their validation stickers for who is real. What I am telling them how a gazillion writers before them have said improves by leaps and bounds the abilities of writers to wordsmith their craft, cultivates discipline, creativity, and a body of works from which one can find that "success" they want so badly. And will push most people towards their goal of publication, financial solvency through writing, or a guest spot on The Today Show. It's just great advice for those folks.

3- I'm not.  Sometimes I even make whole listicles about how NOT to write every day. It's just great advice if you want to make mad ciznash and be a bestselling author.

4- I'm not. Actually, I've got an FAQ about this, and you should read it. It's just great advice.

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