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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Best Obscure Book (Semifinal 1 Results)

Well, I managed to get sick again. At least this one was expected; I always seem to pick something up at the end of the semester. I'm definitely taking this one seriously and getting rest (even from a lot of writing) so that I don't have another run with bronchitis this year, but it's good timing since I have a lot of Social Justice Bard posts to transfer over from the other blog.  Hopefully it won't lay me out for too long.

This poll ran a few days over, so I'll run the next one a couple days extra too. But I'll put the results up today (and the new poll up tomorrow) so that we're not dragging things any further out.

Everything above Libiromancer will be going on to the final round.  

I know the results on a Books You've Never Heard Of poll are (naturally) going to be a little low, but I was still happy with our turnout even so.  Hope you check some of these gems out.

Who nominated a book and then didn't vote for it???  *Fry meme eye narrow*

Results in text form:

To Reign in Hell- S. Brust 11 23.91%
The Principia Discordia- Malaclypse the Younger 7 15.22%
Exquisite Corpse- P.Z. Brite 7 15.22%
Middlesex- J. Eugenides 7 15.22%
Libriomancer- J. C. Hines 6 13.04%
The Thirteenth Tale- D. Setterfield 3 6.52%
Momo- M. Ende 3 6.52%
Almanac of the Dead- L.M. Silko 1 2.17%
Crashcourse by W. Baird 1 2.17%
Sum: Tales of the Afterlife- D. Eagleman 0 0%

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