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Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Inside Scoop

Hi everybody!
Tomorrow's main "post" will be an "Inside Scoop" update.

That's a newsletter about what's going on in my life (at a slightly greater level of detail than the typical post here), a sincere unpacking of where Triexta is in production, and hopefully a few poignent nuggets of insight that everyone will find moving.

Want to get the Inside Scoop? You still can!

Despite my recent dramatic lifestyle downgrade, Writing About Writing will continue to remain free (and ad free) as art should be. And believe me there were more than a few existential crises and vigorous debates with Nega-Chris about that decision now that my pageviews are up, and "a few dollars a month" in revenue would actually make a difference. It's funny how different lofty principles can feel after an 80% pay cut.

I will also never hide the "best" content behind any kind of paywall.

However, artists need to pay their rent, buy groceries, have medical insurance, and sock something for retirement just like anyone else, and that requires we get dirt under our fingernails somewhere along the line. (Or spend a lot of time at a day job not making said art.) For me that place is opening the door to donations and "passing the hat" once in a while. I won't even guilt trip you with pop ups or sad stories at the end of every post if you just keep reading, but I'm on a budget where even a few dollars could make a bid difference, so I might have a post like this one every once in a while.

And while the "best" content will still be free, I work hard to give my generous patrons a little something extra by way of my gratitude–whether that's a glimpse into my life that most don't get or some information that I haven't shared openly.

If you like what I do here and want to see more of it, please consider a donation. My "Tip Jar" is just to the left if you're on a computer, and my Paypal is attached to the e-mail I'm always sharing here (chris.brecheen@gmail.com) if you'd rather go straight to the source. I can also use Venmo for those who have an objection to Paypal (which I share but can't quite get around it just yet).

And if you want "The Inside Scoop" here's how to get it:

  • If you'd like to back Triexta, you still can!  And if you donate at least at the $50 level, you will get all the "Inside Scoop" e-mails I ever write during the course of the whole project. (Probably roughly this time next year before it's totally done.)  At the $50 level, you will also have your name on a blog of thanks that will get linked to the online version of Triexta, and be published in a thanks/dedication page in the book itself (print on demand and Kindle version). Of course the Kickstarter fundraiser has closed, so we will have to do our transaction through Paypal or Venmo, but if you send me money with the note "For Triexta" I can manually add your name to the list of whatever reward tier you choose and send you Kickstarter updates through e-mail.
  • Want to just get THIS issue of the Inside Scoop? Donate $2 (or more) and put in the notes "Inside Scoop" and I will send you this month's issue as an e-mail.
  • I will very soon have a Patreon up, and anyone who donates at the $5/month level or more will get the same Inside Scoop that I'm currently writing for Triexta (as well as further newsletters of the same type once the current project is complete). There will be other rewards as well. Stay tuned!
I know we live in interesting times and for reasons great and small not everyone even has a couple of bucks to fling at the web content they enjoy. That's okay. Enjoy.

However, if I'm ever going to be able to more frequent and higher quality posts, I'm going to have to make writing my day job, and currently my writing income is about half of what I need. Further, 90% of that comes from fewer than a half a dozen amazing and spectaular patrons. I hope to extend my donation base to lots more people giving smaller amounts.

So if you want tomorrow's "post," all it'll take is a couple of bucks and the words "Inside Scoop" in the notes.

And no matter if you can give, can give generously, or just can't afford it right now, you are all what is making this great experiment come to life. And thank you so much for reading.

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