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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Metacular-The Great Meta Conclusion (Patrons Have Spoken)

Big changes are coming to Writing About Writing in 2018! The future of our update schedule (mailboxes, guest blogs, advice, and more) is getting hashed out.

Here's what you need to know (in easily digestible bullet points), especially if you follow my blog pretty closely and find yourself anxious when my updates go pear shaped without notice.

  • I'm currently in Vegas for a few days and pouring everything I've got into trying to get an article about The Force Awakens finished before The Last Jedi hits theater. That's the one I started when I got home from the midnight showing of T.F.A. (Yes, from two years ago, yes I have a problem, yes I feel deep shame, no it probably almost certainly won't get done on time and I'll feel even more absurd.) It may mean I miss a regularly scheduled post or even outdo MYSELF with regards to jazz hands. I'll start making up for lost time when I'm back this coming weekend.
  • Patrons have spoken (and answered a poll). The overwhelming majority want me to do "actual writing advice" as a more than weekly offering. It can be in in any structural form (many of them like Mailbox posts) but that's what they want to see the most. 
  • I also asked them to name three of the "segments" they would definitely want to see once a week. The Mailbox did the best there. High rankers were silly stuff like my plot arc posts (sort of a shocking, though pleasant surprise there) , reviews, and social justice stuff.
  • Based on these two things, I'll be massively redoing the update schedule, trying to get these things on the schedule once a week, mailboxes twice, and move most other things into a bi monthly or monthly rotation. I'll get that posted (more for me and accountability than anyone) before the new year.
  • We're going to hit seven updates a week very soon. Though I'm annoyed at Patreon (or perhaps rather mostly at myself for every believing they gave a shit about artists), they are no worse than other payment processing sites. They were just annoying for making  It' looks like they're going to go public or get bought and that will likely further fracture my various patrons onto other platforms (my taxes are such a fucking hot mess), but keeping a rough tab on where things are when everything is included means it's pretty clear that we're going to the next level and it's time to start doing 7 updates a week. So that's a major roll out for 2018. 

Patreon goal to 7 posts per week
  • I will be taking an "admin weekend" each week for the rest of the year. That's one less post on the weekend days to account for the "behind the scenes construction."  

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