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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Best Dystopia Written by a Non Cishet White Man (Results)

What is the best dystopia book or series written by someone other than a cishet white man? 

Remember to go here if you don't understand why we're doing a year of diverse polls.

I missed my flight.

Some of it's on me. Well...I mean all of it's on me for not doing what they always tell you to do, which is to give yourself all this fucking extra time "just in case."

I'm not so much a "just in case" type. I'm more of an "OH SHINY Oh that's really cool and I bet if I were to-- OH FUCK IS THAT THE TIME??? FUUUUUUCK!" type.

Then I sat around and waited for a BART train. Then I sait around and waited IN a BART train, feeling that fleeting feeling of hope drain with every announcement of "We will be moving shortly." This caused me to JUST miss the airport connection. And when I got into the security line, they were having a bit of a day. I mean it wasn't TERRIBAD, and the line wasn't long, but they were understaffed and it took too much time.

I heard them call my flight. Then my name. And I hadn't even taken my shoes off yet....

The later flight I got bumped to was not direct, and the airport where I waited for two hours did not have functioning wifi. (They said they did, but it wasn't working.) The wifi on the flight is glacially slow, and Vera's battery seems to be in the middle of the Mortal Coil Shuffle™due to age. It's losing two or three percent per minute and I'm pretty sure that number is soft because she doesn't want me to worry. ("No it's okay, boss. You go ahead and download another picture. I'm........fuh....fine.") She's been flashing me a 20% thumbs up lately right before powering down, so I don't trust anything lower than 50%

So today has had a lot of bumps (since the stop over was in Denver, many of them were literal). I would have loved to see something break the tie for second place, but I don't have a lot of emceeing or energy to drag this out another couple of days and do a double post in me. Besides, we need to move on to our next poll.  Keep in mind our diversity requirements but think science fiction.....

Congrats to the winners and thank you everyone who participated.

Text results below

The Handmaid's Tale- M Atwood 97 22%
The Hunger Games- S. Collins 57 12.93%
The Giver- L. Lowry 57 12.93%
Broken Earth Trilogy- N.K. Jemisin 41 9.3%
Never Let Me Go- K. Ishiguro 39 8.84%
Parable of the Sower (Earthseed)- O. Butler 31 7.03%
Oryx and Crake- M. Atwood 27 6.12%
Xenogenesis- O. Butler 26 5.9%
Station Eleven- E. Mandel 24 5.44%
1Q84- H. Murakami 16 3.63%
Newsflesh- S McGuire 14 3.17%

The Fifth Sacred Thing- Starhawk 12 2.72%


  1. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein? Marge Piercy's Woman on the Edge of Time?