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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

So Very Chad (The Post With Appeal)


*Pan in on the Writing About Writing compound*

*Arms of an Angel begins to play*

*Chad and Sally Struthand stand there looking sincerely into the camera. Chad glances nervously around, and pretends he's not looking at a note card in his hand*

Voice off camera: "....don't know how to edit so don't fuck up this take."

Chad: "Hello there. I am Chad. You...may remember me from the incident with the power saw in December. I'm feeling much better these days, and the surgeons down at UCLA really are miracle workers. I may have cut off my sense of entitlement, but at least I still have my sense of humor."

Sally: (pauses) "So would you say that you're happy to be back at Writing About Writing, Chad?"

Chad: Oh right. Yes. Yes I would. I would say that. That I am happy to be back at Writing About Writing. I would say that."

Sally: "Do you love eighties pop culture references and thick layers of sarcasm with your writing advice? Sure. We all do."

Chad: (glances at his hand again) "Well for less than a cup of co...co....fee-fee. (whispers) What the hell does that mean.

Sally (steps in front of Chad and looks right at the camera) "It means you have a chance to help this blog. It doesn't cost less than a cup of coffee per day. It costs less than a cup of coffee per month. Just one dollar can make a world of difference to that one special blogger."

Sally: Sign up to be a patron at PATREON, and we'll take care of the payment processing costs on our end.

Chad (trying to step out from behind Sally): "And if–"

Sally (not letting him): "And if you send five dollars a month, we'll send you pictures of your blogger along with thank you notes and updates on their progress. It will be impossible to forget how you're really directly helping.

Does Writing About Writing like bigger patrons? Sure. We all do.

But even though we picked up nearly 20 new Patrons last month, we only gained about $8. That's because one–just one–big patron couldn't afford to keep supporting us at their previous amount. Life happens. Writing About Writing is hoping to find a robust ecosystem of small patrons–just $1 or $5 a month–to help keep us going. And to help us keep bringing you more and better content.

That small amount pools with others' small amounts to help pay for life saving medicine, food, shelter*...and also possibly the occasional Kindle book or Steam video game. It's also possible that that eight dollars may have gone to the movie ticket to Black Panther. It makes a big difference to a starving artist.

So we know you want to get that correspondence degree in gun repair, but if you've had a few minutes of entertainment each month, maybe consider signing up for a small donation to help us keep entertaining you.

There's no obligation. Patreon makes it easy to cancel at any time.

Of course you can also make a one time donation through our Paypal or Venmo accounts."

Chad: "Uh....yeah!"

*music fades and camera pans out*

(*Not actually a joke. My medical insurance, rent, and groceries budget are all made possible by donations, which are the only way I'm able to keep paying the bills by writing.)

(**Shameless emotional appeal post calls for a puppy that clearly needs your love.)

As always, these appeals posts (which I only do once a month so they aren't spammy) don't really get a lot of reshares and likes no matter how hard I try to make them entertaining, so if you don't have a dime but still want to do us a solid, toss me a +1, upvote, like or whatever.

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