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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Brain-Eating Primaries

Of course I would discover, as I looked for an image,
that there are actual brain-eating parasites.
Because of course there are. 
I just want to remind anyone following Writing About Writing, but who maybe doesn't follow NOT Writing About Writing that even though I pretty predictably write content three or four times a week, I don't always do my writing here. Sometimes my brainmeats, and thus my regular schedule of WAW updates, gets just a little bit eaten. Elections (primaries included) are definitely one of those times. 

I was going to put up a poll today. I woke up writing a rant. (Writing while still in bed involves forming sentences and choosing words and sometimes even my fingers moving as if they're on the keyboard.) So I wrote the rant instead.....just a few words. A few more. Okay now it's 3pm and time to go watch kids. One of the things you get to see (that I WANT you to see) when you watch me "be a working writer" in real time is the days that eat my brain. The days I wake up and end up doing Plan B or C. The days I write (for I write every day), but my passion pulls me away from the "sensible" work and says "You will write THIS."

Polls are not quite as time consuming as writing a post from scratch, but going through and tallying up all the nominations and seconds (and thirds, fourths, whatevers...) does take a good hour or two. I sort of blew the day on my rant. And I know if I put this poll up after business hours––that's here on the west coast for some reason––I'll be chasing after folks to come vote for a month before there's good turn out. If I drop it tomorrow as early as I can, it'll get a strong showing right away.

Apologies if my political rantings are not your cup of tea (but you should follow NWAW if they are). Rest assured that I am clacking away at the keys, and we will be back on the regularly scheduled WAW schedule in due order.

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