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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Best Classic Sci-Fi Book (Or Series)

What is the best classic Sci Fi book (or series)?  

I know I don't normally post on the weekends, but time is getting pretty elastic for many of us, and I have a lot of these sort of "business/admin" type posts to knock out. I got pretty behind by being sick.

Only a few days days remain in our best classic Sci-Fi poll, so it's time to vote, vote again, or prepare yourself to stare at the results and know you could have had a voice, but you chose not to. I'm going to wrap this up with the end of April. I'm sorry I have to remind everyone so aggressively on these polls, but ever since Facebook fucked Page admins as a cash grab throttled the content of pages I have to do twice as many "Come and vote, folks!" to get half the response.

Everyone will get three (3) votes. Use them....wisely.

The poll itself is on the bottom left of the side menus, below the "About the Author."
If you are on mobile, you can switch to "web page view" and scroll all the way down. If that doesn't work (or you just prefer), you can also follow this link to the poll directly: https://poll.fm/10533632

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