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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Call For Covid-19 Themed Writing Questions

I always need writing questions, but now I need your Covid-19 themed writing questions!

Once upon a time, I used to do at least one question from all of you a week, and believe it or not, that is where I'm trying to get back to. As a real time glimpse into a working writer's life, this last six months or so has been telling, hasn't it? Overwhelming nanny responsibilities. Shifting schedules. Moving suddenly. Global pandemics. Getting the disease in question. And though I've managed to keep SOMETHING grinding out no matter how weird everything got, I have certainly been affected.

I have so many questions filling up the questions queue. You all could stop writing me questions for the better part of a couple of years (not that I would want you to) and I probably wouldn't run out.

I have questions about process. Questions about craft. Questions that could generously be said to be more about interpersonal relationships. Questions that have led to massive undertakings of new craft essays that were then completely derailed by...*gestures vaguely at 2020*. I even have some hate mail down here somewhere, and you know what a hoot it is answering that.

However, what I really want is to stick with our current Covid-19 theme by answering your Covid-19 writing questions. I don't have the expertise to answer questions about the virus, so don't bother asking, but if you have questions about writing specific to global pandemics, sheltering in place, quarantine, existential horror, when to push the gas and when to give yourself a break, I might have a bit of folksy wisdom or three to dispense. And if the scheduling gods see fit to keep things vaguely manageable, I may even get back to my weekly fare of answering.

I may not get to all the questions. I have a tendency to have more rolling in than I could ever answer. So if you want to hedge your bets, keep them punchy, focus on one moving part, and attach them to a $30,000 Paypal donation. (Or two out of three would probably work.)

Send those questions to chris.brecheen@gmail.com

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