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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Best of March 2020

I don't normally post a new post this late since most of the east coast has already gone to sleep and it's sort of hit or miss if they'll catch what I've done tomorrow morning, but I just found out I'm needed for an extra day of Job 2 this week so I need as much jazz hands as I can muster, it's only about 26 hours until freaking May, so it's probably about time I post March's best, final reminders and then poll results are about to happen along with a handful of other posts, and with with an Inside Scoop newsletter to write for my generous patrons, it's going to be a hail Mary to try and get a "crunchy" post up on Friday.

So let's talk about the three best posts from March that will go on to fame and glory in The Hall of Fame. The month started with me out of a roommate situation and into my own place, picking out some furniture from Ikea and reading these stories of a novel Coronavirus that popping up in the US, so wash your hands(!), and it ended with shelter in place orders, weird shopping experiences, and probably (unbeknownst to me at the time) the infection of Covid-19 that would be raging within me by April 3rd. But still we managed to punch out some good work, and here were the month's best.

Feel How You Feel-

Whatever you're feeling about Covid-19 and the world it's leaving in its wake, it's okay. Whether it's paralytic fear, inarticulate rage, or a sudden burst of creativity. No shame. No second-guesses. It's legit.

A Writer's Guide to Working From Home (Part 1 of 3)

If this is your first work-at-home rodeo, you might be a little surprised at how HARD it is to get an office-caliber day's work done. But writers have been doing this forever, and here's some advice about how to stay focused and productive.

Sketch Comedy Blogging (Mailbox)

What do third rate writing blogs and sketch comedies have in common? Well....we have a lot of "bits" we do over and over again....

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