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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

And We're Back! (Meta and Personal Update)

Thank you all for your patience while I took a badly needed vacation (well, I suppose as a matter of fact, my trip to Denver fell through, so it was a staycation). Unfortunately, I didn't get a LOT of time to relax, and I didn't even get to all the administration jobs behind the scenes on the blog that I really wanted to. 

But I did get some rest, and I got a lot of the non-blog jobs done that would have still been here when I returned from Denver, hanging over my head like the chores of Damocles. Instead of having to figure out how to pack and ship all the big stuff in just a couple of frantic days, I'm actually moved except for some last bits of junk and cleaning and technically still have a week.So perhaps there is a third vacation in my future to help me more fully recover from the 18 months of 70-80-hour weeks, and to get in some of the real decompression time that I missed out on this time around. However, I'll put that off for at least a couple of months of solid blogging, so that my generous patrons don't feel like they're crowdfunding me while I phone it in.

The good news is that I'm moving more fully through the many transitions I've been dealing with lately. I'm mostly moved. I'm mostly settled in my new place. I'm mostly dealing with living with small children again. I'm mostly okay with my new 6 a.m. wake-ups. I'm mostly able to think straight through the haze of new relationship energy. 

I'm not saying next week is going to be pre-pandemic writing schedule or anything, but I've been slowly getting back to it, and the coming weeks' progress towards our old school pace should be no exception. 

I've got a great guest post for Friday while I wrap up the last of my move, and tomorrow I'll be posting the results of our Best Standalone Book That is Technically Part of a Series (so be sure to drop a recommendation or second the ones that are there). Next week I have some REALLY good articles coming and I've even started to look across the room at some of my long term plans now that things are settling.

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  1. pfffft... if I could afford to crowdfund you while you took a couple months off, to compensate for being a one man three ring circus for a year or more, I'd happily do it. BTW, "chores of Damocles" is sheer perfection. Consider it happily adopted - I do know where to send child support. ;)