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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Dental Appointment (No Blog Today)

I'm headed to the dentist today, unfortunately during my prime writing time. So today's post tomorrow, tomorrow's on Friday, and we'll get back on schedule next week.

One of the upsides (and one of the downsides) of trying to update so regularly is that you all can see pretty much see every single day I have something that comes up to interrupt my regular update schedule. Of course this is partially intentional—part of the reason I post daily even when something like this comes up is so people can see that writers are human, and we work hard, but also we need days off and have appointments and not every day is rainbow unicorn jizz and sunbeams from heaven. Some days we have dental appointments.

If I only updated once or twice a week, I could look like I had magic fingers even when I had a dental appointment. The posts would go up, and you'd never know what was going on under the hood and how the sausage gets made. 

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