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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Best Standalone Classic Science Fiction (LAST call for "Recs" and "Secs")

What is the best stand alone Classic Science Fiction Book (published before 1980)?

It's my birthday today, so I'm going to drop a reminder and run. (And if you want to help me get a gift, my tip jar is always open.) This is your absolutely last chance to drop a recommendation for best stand alone classic science fiction books—so not a part of a series or a book with a sequel. Plus the recommendation that folks have already dropped need your seconds (and thirds and fourths). We'll be posting results soon.

Just don't forget to pop over to the ORIGINAL PAGE to drop that recommendation or check out the rules if you're unsure of them. If you put it here or on the social media pages where I'm sharing this link, it won't get tabulated and put on our list.

Also please keep in mind that we already ran a "could stand alone but doesn't" poll for science fiction. A few of our recommendations have sequels or are part of series, and even though they might have been written decades later, they disqualify the books from THIS particular conversation.

Thank you all for joining in our Book Rec Conversation. I've really love reading all your comments about the books you treasure and why.


  1. Frankenstein by Shelley is a classic.

    L’Autre monde ou les ├ętats et empires de la Lune by de Bergerac.

    Travels into several remote nations of the world by Lemuel Gulliver, by Jonathan Swift.

    Blazing World, by Margaret Cavendish is a solid bit of work well deserving mention.

    All of them published before 1980, all of them reshaping the genre for anything that came after them.

  2. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams.

    1. I would agree, but it doesn't meet the criteria

  3. Babel17 by Zelazny. Interesting stuff on language and how it affects reality