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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Mailbox Questions NEEDED!!

Hey all. I need questions for the mailbox. Short questions. Complicated questions. Personal questions if that's what it takes to get the ball rolling. Heck, I even answer my hate mail sometimes. Give me the questions!! 

E mail them to chris.brecheen@gmail.com with the heading "Mailbox Questions" (which isn't just a gatekeeping thing—it's so I can do a keyword search for them later when ten thousand other emails have pushed them down my inbox). 

I'm struggling to get back to my pre-cancer/surgery writing pace (and ideally my pre-this whole last year writing pace—and IDEALLY ideally my pre-2016 pace), and one thing I can always count on is that questions are just a little easier for me than starting a post from scratch. They kind of break the ice and get the topic jump started. 

I'm going to start going through my email archives, but I also need new fresh-to-death questions. I can't promise I'll blog the answer to every question I get, and I really can't promise I'll get to them right away (especially if I get hundreds), but I usually try to send a link back if I've answered the question before or do a "quick answer" if I know it's going to be a while before it'll go on the blog. 

Do give a glance through the Frequently Asked Questions if you haven't been here a while.

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