My drug of choice is writing--writing, art, reading, inspiration, books, creativity, process, craft, blogging, grammar, linguistics, and did I mention writing?


I recommend turning the writer on.
No, not off and on again.
Just turn him on.
Frequently Asked Questions 

Q- Did you know about ____________ grammar mistake?  

Q- Question: Do You Really Have to Write Every Day to Be A Writer

Q- Did [X-event] really happen to you?

Q-Why do you/How can you hate NaNoWriMo?

Q-Why won't you answer my question for the Mailbox

Q- Will you do freelance writing/editing for me?

Q-How can I get your kind of numbers on MY blog?

Q- How can I support Writing About Writing and it's struggling, yet devilishly cute and cuddly author? If I add up all the time spent being marvelously entertained, all the laughter, all the tears, and all the inspiration--as well as having my life and understanding of writing enriched--it would be longer than a directors cut of the Lord of The Rings trilogy....which I paid $39.99 for (even during a sale) at Costco.  How can I give back for all this joy?

Q-Will you post more of your fiction?

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  1. Chris, how can I contact you? Do you have an email? I'd like to talk about guest blogging.