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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Best Modern Fantasy (Round Three)

I'm back!

I have internet! And best of all I have it without having a sixteen hour schedule of pet care that involves four hours of driving each day. (It's really the little things.)

I do have some running around to do today, in service to the eldritch gods with whom I've made a pact about finishing my novel before it's even later than late, but nothing like these last few days. Here are the results of the latest Modern Fantasy round. The top four will move on and the bottom four are culled.

And if you'll forgive me a personal quick, single tear for A Dirty Job:  "You were up against giants, my friend. But it doesn't make you not good."

The next round of this poll will go up tomorrow...along with one of these half-dozen posts I've got mostly drafted.

Text version below
The Dresden Files- J. Butcher 84 36.52%
The Kingkiller Chronicle- P. Rothfuss 47 20.43%
Mistborne- B. Sanderson 44 19.13%
The Magicians- L. Grossman 22 9.57%
The First Law Trilogy- J. Abercrombie 20 8.7%
Hounded- K. Hearne 7 3.04%
A Dirty Job- C. Moore 5 2.17%
 Dawn of Wonder: The Wakening- J. Renshaw 1 0.43%

Friday, August 18, 2017


I'm still down wifi (and probably will be in any meaningful way until Tuesday).  I'm working to bring you what I can write in word and then copy paste into the Blogger text field at an internet cafe or McDonalds in the limited time I can be away from doggo, but it'll be Tuesday before we're back on track.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Best Modern Fantasy (Round 3)

What is the best fantasy written in the last 25 years?  

Remember, we're just narrowing down the field here. These titles are not the whole poll, and in fact if you have voted on every round so far, you've probably seen less than half the titles. This isn't even the quarterfinal round yet. We just need to cull a few titles off the lists. So if you don't see someone you're sure should be on here, they're probably in another part of the poll. Keep checking back and they'll turn up.

There have SO many nominations for Best Modern Fantasy that we are going to have to do a round before quarter finals.  So in order for this not to drag on for months, I'll be running these early rounds for only THREE DAYS EACH.

I want to clear up a mistake I made on the last poll. I wrote 25 years on the nomination post and then thought I had said 15 when I wrote the latest culling round. So Harry Potter and Song of Ice and Fire are back on for the quarterfinals, and I'll try not to make that mistake again. My brain is not the best place for numbers on a good day.

I also want to remind everyone that I'm currently on a job with a dog I can't really leave alone for very long and a spotty internet where I don't even get cell phone signal, so I'm doing the best I can to get some content offerings sacrificed to The God of Pageviews™ but it'll be Tuesday before I can reliably post. I start doubling up at another job WITH internet on Friday, but there's going to be a lot of back and forthing. I should have some posts ready to cut and paste though. 

Back to the poll:  There is no way to "rank" votes, so use as few as you can bare.

The poll itself is at the bottom left, under the "About The Author." 

Note: If you see a title that is "breaking the rules" (older than 25 years) please let me know. I did not have time to cross check all of them. 

Don't choose poorly.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Reminder: Unwillingly Offline (Meta)


I am currently on a job that has limited internet access. Most of what I am doing online comes from when I walk the dog far enough down the hill to get some cell phone signal, but my phone doesn't work well for writing whole blog articles. I'm getting some writing done on my novel, outlining a bunch of articles for next week, and trying to prep the polls with things I can just cut and paste quickly when I am in town long enough to stop and whip out my laptop. (I might get a listicle in there too if I can get the whole thing written in a word document!) However, for the most part, I'm stuck doing what I can and when I can and our regularly scheduled content has been interrupted.

I'm doing the best I can, and the best thing I can say for all of this is that the writing continues apace, I just can't get it uploaded. So next week, starting Tuesday when this job is over, should be a cornucopia.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Best Modern Fantasy (Round 2 Results)

The latest results in our ongoing effort to pull enough titles out of the running to get a proper poll has its next set of results. The top four titles will be going on to the quarterfinal round. HOWEVER....it seems that someone slipped in a disqualified title (much like Harry Potter in the last round). The Song of Ice and Fire is awesome, and Martin is still writing, but the first book (Game of Thrones) is older than 15 years. So it is the NK Jemison Trilogy that will be going on.

Edit: My original nominations call said 25 years (not 15), so a couple of titles are back on the menu.  :)

Text version below.

The next group of titles I'll be trying to weed out will be up tomorrow. Stay tuned!

American Gods- N. Gaiman 64 35.36%
A Song of Ice and Fire- GRR Martin 36 19.89%
Small Gods- T. Pratchett 33 18.23%
Stormlight Chronicles- B. Sanderson 23 12.71%
The Inheritance Trilogy- N.K. Jemison 10 5.52%
The Riyria Revelations- M. J. Sullivan. 6 3.31%
Garden of the Moon- S. Erikson 5 2.76%
The Iron Druid Chronicles- Kevin Hearne 4 2.21%